Must Have Mani Pack

For tip-top nails in the comfort of your own home – save £9!*
What’s included:
Nail Experts Restoring Cuticle Cream 15ml – Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to condition and help protect dry, cracked cuticles.
Nail File – Set of 2 nail files with paper grains. Size approx. 17.8cm x 2cm x 0.7cm.
Express Growth Nail Serum 10ml – The miracle growth serum for longer, stronger-feeling nails in just 5 days. Infused with baobab and acacia extract to help hydrate.
Fast Dry Nail Setting Spray 50ml – Dries polish to touch in 60 seconds and helps prevent wrinkles and smudges.
BB Nail Colour 10ml – Nail colour and care in 1 bottle.
*Based on normal product prices.

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